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Aocter Group is an export-oriented integrated chemical enterprise mainly at earning foreign exchange through exports. We have four professional production plants manufacturing feed supplements, organic chemical, high-tech fine chemicals and bio-chemical products, three branches outside Shandong Province, and a joint venture. In 2001, we passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. As a choline chloride manufacturer, our company takes the lead to pass the nation’s HAACCP quality certification system for food security and ISO22000 system, as well as to be allowed to access to EU market by EU’s FAMI-QS.

We are a designated manufacturer of special products for minority groups, member of China Feed Industry Association, one of the key industrial enterprises in Shandong Province as well as in Liaocheng City. We are one of the high-tech enterprises of Shandong Province. As a key industrial enterprise certified by the provincial technology center, we have jointly built a high-tech biological R&D center with China’s prestigious Shandong University. We are also director of Furfural Industry Association in Hebei, Shandong and Henan Regions, and vice director of Feed Branch of the Shandong Husbandry Association.

In recent years, Aocter Group has made impressive leaps on expanding in overseas markets with its excellent product quality and favorable international reputation. With its products enjoying a prestigious reputation across the world, our company is now a key manufacturer and supplier of choline chloride for international companies, having established over 10 branches in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States, as well as a complete international sales network. We are the designated supplier of choline chloride by commerce chambers in more than 20 countries. We have independent rights to import and export and sell our products in over 60 foreign countries and regions.

As the company advances soundly and rapidly, in recentyears, it is credited as a “qualified enterprise in national product quality inspection” by the nation’s quality supervision department, a model private enterprise of "Shandong Province 'three bright spots' bright together” by Trade and Industry Bureau of Shandong Province, Provincial Science and Technology Department, Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Office and Provincial Individual Worker’s Association, and one of the “top 10 excellent enterprises” in Liaocheng City. In several consecutive years, we are also an “outstanding export-oriented enterprise” acknowledged by the government of higher level and the industry authorities.


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