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        Shandong Aocter Chemical Co.,Ltd(Original as Gaotang General Chemical Plant) is an all-round export-oriented chemical enterprise as well as the largest choline chloride and furfural manufacturer and exporter.It has more than 960 employees including 136 engineers and technicians. There are several branches under headquater, including 4 specialized factories mainly producing choline chloride, furfural, garlicin, pharmaceutical intermediate, and fine chemical products.
        The company passed the ISO9001 Q.C. certification in 2001 and is the first one in China to pass the ISO22000 Food Security and Management System...

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        Shandong Aocter Chemical Co.,Ltd.
        Marketing Center
        Tel :+86-635-3962378
        Fax :+86-635-3961209
        E-mail: sales@aocter.com

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