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    Detail:  Phytase    Phytase is a kind of enzymes which can catalyze phytic acid and its phytates hydrolyzing into inositol and phosphate, it belongs to phosphoric monoester hydrolases. Phytase can decompose natural organophosphorus in the animal feed, promotes the utilization of some nutrient substances, like starch, protein, amino acid, microelements and so on. It replaces part of calcium hydrophosphate in feed, which can reduce the cost of feed effectively.Definition of enzyme activity:  As GB/T 18634-2009, one phytase activity unit (U) is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1µmol inorganic phosphorus from 5.0 mmol/L sodium phytate solution per minute at 37℃ and pH 5.5.Functions:1. Hydrolyze Inositol phosphate ester bond of phytate phosphorus, decompose the phytic acid and phytate into inositol and phosphate, improve the utilization of phytate phosphorus in feedstuff.2. Destroy the chelate structure of phytate, the nutrient substances chelated are released, like mineral elements, protein, starch and so on, which improves the feed utilization.3. Hydrolyze phytic acid, reduce the inhibition to physiological active substances in the digestive tract in order to improve the production performance of animals.4. Phytase increases the security of feed as green feed additive, reduce the discharge and environment pollution of phosphorus.Specifications:Common and Thermostable phytase: powder or granule: 5000U/g, 10000U/g, 50000U/g and so on;Liquid phytase: 5000U/g, 10000U/g, 50000U/g and so on.The above products are also can be customized according to the customer requirements.Dosage:AnimalsDosage(5000U/g)U/kg FeedPig100g500Meat Poultry100g500Laying Fowl80g400Package:Solid product: 25Kg/bag;Liquid product: 25Kg/drum; 200Kg/drum.Storage and Shelf life:Stored in a shady, airy and dry place, keep away form poisonous and harmful substance.Shelf life: 12 months for solid products and 6 months for liquid products in original packing under proper conditions. 

Shandong Aocter Group is an export-oriented integrated chemical enterprise mainly at earning foreign exchange through exports. We have four professional production plants manufacturing feed supplements, organic chemical, high-tech fine chemicals and bio-chemical products, three branches outside Shandong Province, and a joint venture. In 2001, we passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. As a choline chloride manufacturer, our company takes the lead to pass the nation’s HAACCP quality certification system for food security and ISO22000 system, as well as to be allowed to access to EU market by EU’s FAMI-QS.



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