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Quality inspection system

Shandong Orcutt Group always adheres to the "quality-oriented" business philosophy on the basis of innovation, in 2001, we passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. As a choline chloride manufacturer, our company takes the lead to pass the nation’s HAACCP quality certification system for food security and ISO22000 system .From the purchase of raw materials to the production process control and then finished product testing, all is in strict accordance with the quality and safety control system certification requirements implemented. Meanwhile, China Feed Testing Center and we established a feed product quality testing center database, tracking and monitoring product quality, thus ensuring the quality and stability of product quality. In recent years, the company has been awarded "national product quality checks of qualified enterprises" by the national quality supervision departments. Relying on excellent product quality and perfect quality, safety assurance system, the company's products can also develop stably in the fierce competition in the market.

Quality Policy of the company :

to open market with the high-quality products
to consolidate the market with the high-quality services
to ensure the market with the continuous improvement
Quality Goals of the company :
Products’ manufactured passing rate is 100%, customer satisfaction rate is 95%

Build the first brand of the quality and safety and maintain the best interests of clients


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